Insights for Solo and Group Private Therapy Practices


Like stop it with this “I’m the same as all the other therapists” stuff! Of course there are qualities that many therapists do share including things like being…

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Could Mistakes Be The Most Valuable Part Of Growing Your Business?

Part of growing is scaling. Part of scaling is hiring people. And part of hiring people is that they will make mistakes. When you are new to hiring,…

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How To Choose Right-Fit Software For Your Business

Looking for software? For social media posting, email marketing, funnel building, or even an EHR? Overwhelmed with all the choices? Sometimes that overwhelm comes from trying to solve…

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Website-Build Shaming Needs To Die

I’m pretty tired of people saying that there’s only one way to build a website. Every solo and small business owner is different. It might be right for…

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What Won’t You Do For Your Business?

Let’s talk boundaries: what won’t you do for your business? Are you doing things that violate your core values? Do you know what those core values are? Do…

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