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I am available for live interviews, panel discussions, or topic driven Q&A sessions for free.

For trainings, workshops, or other sorts of speaking engagements, please email me [email protected] for my rates.

My style is direct, intelligent, and heart-centered. I derive joy out of sharing what I know and particularly the opportunity to be helpful to live participants.

Speaking Topics

  1. Self-Disclosure - What's The Right Amount To Share About Yourself In Your Marketing?
  2. Psychobabble: How To Spot It And Stop It
  3. Top 4 Mistakes On Therapist Website About Pages And What To Do Instead
  4. How To Get Completely Ethical Testimonials & Social Proof On A Therapist Website
  5. How to Show You're an Expert On Your Website (& Not Just Say That You Are One)
  6. Are You Addressing Concerns That Hold People Back From Getting Your Help? The Importance Of Doing So On Your Website
  1. How To Choose The Best Website Platform For You
  2. Finding Images That Flow Together And Make Your Website Look Consistent
  3. Why No One Is Visiting Your Website And What To Do To Fix It
  1. The Top Ways Most Therapists Get Clients
  2. Stop Being So Scattered: The Simple Way To Prioritize Your Marketing Ideas
  3. The Easiest First Steps To Take When You Start Networking
  1. How To Build A Massive Audience On Social Media
  2. Scaling Private Practice Marketing: How To Identify What Will Make A High Impact With Low Effort
  3. How To Hire Help With Your Marketing - Step-By-Step
  1. What's Worked: My Personal Success with Four Years Of Online EMDR Sessions
  2. Things I Wish Therapists Knew About Gender Non Binary Clients
  3. Exactly How I Found My Therapist. Insights From A Client Who's Also A Marketing Expert



Therapists helped Kat heal from childhood sexual abuse, so now they specialize in helping therapists with their websites and marketing.

Many therapists are confident in their clinical skills but struggle to fill their practices. If you’re not sure of what to do to get clients, if you’re stuck in the fear of coming across as ‘salesy’, or if you’re having trouble creating an effective online presence, Kat is the expert that can help.

Kat is focused on helping you find the words, build the website, and implement the marketing strategies you need to get more clients, more referrals, and start making an impact.

At Empathysites, you can get a therapist website that truly reflects you and attracts your ideal clients.

At Empathycopy, you'll get your website written easily.

And with one-on-one marketing and business consultancy, you'll get supported in creating a meaningful practice and life you love.

For Kat, the most rewarding thing about helping therapists is making a difference in the life of the therapist - empowering them to do the important work they do.

As a website and private practice marketing expert, Kat has appeared on The Rebel Therapist podcast, The Digitally Overwhelmed podcast, Selling The Couch podcast, PsychCentral Pro, Thriving Therapy Practice podcast, the Australia Counselling Directory, Private Practice Startup podcast, and more.

Kat also publishes regularly on their popular blogs where they share insights to help therapists have incredibly authentic, aligned, and effective marketing.


Therapists helped Kat heal from childhood sexual abuse, so now they specialize in helping therapists with their marketing. From helping you find the right words to implementing the marketing strategies you need to fill your practice, Kat helps therapists get more clients, more referrals, and start making an impact. Check out Kat’s services that help with websites for therapists, copywriting for therapists, and marketing and business coaching for therapists.


My pronouns are she/they. Example use demonstrated in some fun facts about me:

  • Kat has over 15 years of website experience. She started out by creating websites for her own businesses.
  • Kat is over 6 feet tall. Their nickname in high school was "stilts."
  • Kat grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was based out of Greece for 15 years. Currently, she lives in Portland, Oregon.
  • Kat is an introvert but that doesn't mean you can't meet up with them, they still love public speaking and attending events. I hope you get to meet them someday.


Kat Love's


Marketing and business coaching for private practice therapists.


Helping therapists write their websites in the easiest way possible.


Designing and caring for beautiful and effective websites for therapists.


Contact me by emailing [email protected]