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I'm Kat Love.

I help psychotherapists, therapists, and counselors create beautiful and effective websites.

I provide website writing solution at Empathycopy and a website design service at Empathysites.

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Helpful Website Solutions
For Private Practice Therapists

- Empathycopy -
Website Copywriting

You need website copy that is clear, concise, and reflects who you are. Give us some input and a draft of your website will be created for you.

- Empathysites -
Therapist Website Design

You need to get online so your best fit clients can find you and get to know you. We can create a website that really reflects you at Empathysites.

Plus visit the Empathysites blog where you'll find the resources, ideas, and inspiration you need for improving your psychotherapist website.

( And feel less stuck, less overwhelmed, and reduce your website anxiety too. )

Create Your Written Website Content In An Afternoon

Fast. Easy. True to who you are.