Insights for Solo and Group Private Therapy Practices

Frustrated It’s Not Easier To Build A Private Practice? I Hear You

Building a private practice isn’t easy. If you’re anything like most therapists, being a “business person” wasn’t part of your training and before venturing into private practice, you’ve…

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How To Find A Business And Marketing Coach To Grow Your Private Practice

Being in private practice has it’s ups and downs. One day you feel like you’re super productive, getting great feedback from clients, and everything is looking up. The…

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Kat’s Top 6 Truth Bombs For Therapists

Every now and then I post a couple sentence truth bomb to my Facebook profile (want to get truth bombed in your FB feed? Add me as a…

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Who Is Responsible For Marketing A Group Therapy Practice?

One of the most common pains a group practice owner has when it comes to marketing is that their clinicians “won’t do marketing.” They said they’d do some…

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Dear Therapists Who Are Struggling to Get Clients

Dear therapists who are struggling to get clients, There are hundreds of therapists who are ready to refer clients to you starting tomorrow. They are full. One of…

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Your Client Is The Guide But So Are You

It actually makes me uncomfortable when a therapist says, “You set the pace!” or “How deep we go in sessions is up to you!” or like, “You’ll take…

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