Looking for software? For social media posting, email marketing, funnel building, or even an EHR? Overwhelmed with all the choices?

Sometimes that overwhelm comes from trying to solve problems that you don’t have yet:

  • “But what if I need automations in a year from now?”
  • “It sounds useful to have detailed social stats so I probably need that feature and to figure out how to use that data”
  • “I’m scared that choosing something more simple may limit me in the future so better find something advanced”

If you notice yourself in this place. Stop. Step back. Deep breath.

When you’ve caught your breath, try starting as simply as possible. Answer this:

*What’s the minimum I need to solve my current problem?*

Starting where you are is always better than being stuck in the overwhelm over things you don’t even know you need.

Instead: go with the most simple option until you face a problem that requires that you upgrade to something with more features. Otherwise, you’re putting bells and whistles on a cart that doesn’t even exist.

1. Build the cart

2. Get it moving in the right direction

3. Move through any bumps in the road, you will be able to face more than you think

4. Facing an insurmountable problem that you think this software needs to solve? First research add-ons and alternatives, is there a cheaper/cleaner/easier way than changing to something new?

5. Finally, if you truly can’t solve a highly painful problem without changing to different software, THEN look into software – evaluating it by finding the specific features that solve your problem and no more.

Stay calm, keep it simple. ❤


About the Author: Kat

Hi, I'm Kat. I'm the website designer who started Empathysites. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor that experienced amazing life-transformation with the help of therapists, I know first hand that therapists are superheros. I noticed that many therapists struggle to get themselves out there online so I decided to specialize in helping them. The best compliment I've been given: when therapists call me their "website therapist."