Dear Therapists Who Are Struggling to Get Clients

Dear therapists who are struggling to get clients,

There are hundreds of therapists who are ready to refer clients to you starting tomorrow. They are full. One of their biggest pains is when they have to tell someone who calls them for therapy, “try searching on psychology today.”

It feels terrible to them to have to do that. Someone who had the courage to reach out for their help is not getting any help at all.

That person might as well have just googled “therapist in my city” and could have gotten the same results!

Here’s a truth: therapists with full practices FEEL GOOD when they can provide a quality referral and FEEL BAD when they can’t.

If you are not full, you can get full by helping therapists that are full have you to refer to. Make sense?

How to do it:

Well therapists who are full don’t have the time to surf the internet, find you, reach out, ask you what it is you do, get a feel for your personality, experience, and the level of care you provide, and stay in touch with you.

But you have the ability to do that to them.

If you want to have 15 clients a week but currently only have 5, you have 10 hours a week build relationships.

  • How can these busy therapists with full practices get to know me?
  • How can I make building a relationship with me as easy as possible for them?

I’m writing about this because it’s literally among the silliest problems I’ve ever witnessed. There are therapists struggling with too many clients and no one to refer to while other therapists have no clients? Fix it and get a full practice! Go do it. I believe in you.



Kat Love

Kat Love

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