Website Update Hour

Get one-on-one, expert, real-time help

Are you

  • Needing to get something important done on your website?
  • Want to skip the painful process of hiring a random person, the back and forth emails, and having to correct their work anyway?
  • Know what you need to do but not how to do it?
  • Can't seem to motivate yourself to do it on your own?

Do you want

  • To get things done in on your website that will actually make an impact?
  • To finally get expert help that you need?
  • To be clear on the next steps to take to get results?
  • To get more clients through your website?

What Area Do You Need Help With?

Let's Work On What You Need

The Words

The words on your website don't really sound like you. Or worse yet, you just weren't sure what to write so it comes across like a page of the DSM. Let's spend time together editing your site so that the words convey who you are, how you help, and help your best fit clients say, "this is the therapist for me!"

The Images

Why are images so challenging!? Once you get over the basics of understanding where to find images and all the licensing rules and risks, it feels like it takes forever to figure out the right vibe. Images are a major opportunity to represent the way you help, but if they are currently missing the mark on your website, let's spend an hour finding images that will best connect.

The Design

Something about your website's design looks off, but you're not sure what. Maybe it looks "too DIY" or like a cookie cutter template that every other therapist is using. Let's work together to identify easy ways to improve the look and feel of your site. A confidence boost for you and a better experience for every visitor to your site.

The Tech

Overall, you love your website. The words seem right. The design and images are on point. But tech stuff is a nightmare. Maybe you want to set up HIPAA compliant email or a contact form. Or perhaps you need to get your email optin list to finally work. Or maybe you're trying out a few different builders and want professional guidance on which way to go. An hour of expert tech help is here to guide, fix, or implement for you.

Website Update Hour: Get It Done!

A Website Update Hour provides a unique opportunity for you to have an expert dive into your website with you and make stuff happen.

Let's complete your highest-impact website tasks together. Now.

How It Works

  1. Get started by purchasing your website update hour and and reserving your spot in my calendar
  2. You may choose to focus on any area of your site, words, images, design, or tech.
  3. The first 5 minutes of our time together, we'll start with understanding what you need. I help you get crystal clear on what specific areas of focus will make you the most money, get your the most clients, or make the most impact towards your website goal.
  4. Next, we'll get to work!
  5. By the end of the hour you'll walk away with an improved website.

My Writing Clients Get Clients

Effective copy gets you more inquiries and more clients. With a Website Update Hour, you can get my expert effort into your website copy too.

"I have been getting more clients that I am able to help. The best part is they have been good matches."

Kimberly S. D., MA, LPC
Writing Service Client


"I've had new enquiries since uploading the new copy after having a very quiet month previously"

Hayley S., LPC
Writing Service Client


What We Can Accomplish In Just A Single Hour

Examples of what could be accomplished in our time together

  • We can log into your website and implement the top most effective features for turning website visitors into clients
  • We can design start implementing a new visual direction on your website, like new fonts and colors
  • We can edit a page on your website to ensure your message really gets through, attracting the types of clients you want
  • Write your website's about page (arguably the most difficult page to write!)
  • We can find new images that actually feel cohesive with who you are and the desires of your best fit clients
  • We can fix a bunch of things that currently look broken so you boost your credibility

This hour also pairs well with Empathycopy, my writing solution. For those that want some extra support with getting the most out of Empathycopy, getting results professionally edited, or adding the copy to their website. A Website Update Hour can help!

Two Major Benefits Of A Website Update Hour

Our time together is focused on results

Get Stuff Done

We'll work together implementing the top most important changes you need on your website. And by the end of the hour, you'll have a better website.

Get Clarity

In the process of making your website's updates, you'll be learning along the way. Get insight that will move you from overwhelm to confidence.


Website Hour:
Pricing & Get Started


1 hour for $260
Via Zoom


I accept a handful of clients per week, Mondays-Thursdays and roughly between 12:00noon - 2:30pm Los Angeles (3:00pm - 6:30pm NYC). I currently have availability within the next 2-3 weeks.

Limited-Time Availability

Note that this service may be a limited time offer as I typically do not offer single hours only. Get it while it lasts.

Get Started

Click the button below and you can purchase your hour. Once you complete your purchase, you will gain access to my scheduler.

My Web Design Clients Get Fully Booked

Could you be missing out on the benefits of having an effective website? Access the same expertise that got the below results with a Website Update hour.

"My practice is full right now and I'm quite certain that my WONDERFUL website has been a big factor in the growth of my business."

Deb S., PHD
Web Design Client


"I am happy to announce my practice is GROWING rapidly since we launched my website."

Jill J, LMFT
Web Design Client


"My new website is out and announced to my list. Lots of great feedback! I picked up three new clients in the last 10 days."

Patty B, LPCC, BCC
Web Design Client


Questions + Concerns You May Have Before Investing In An Website Update Hour

I'm way too busy to fit it in my schedule

It's true that time is limited. When time isn't used in the most productive way, we often do get extremely busy - but not necessarily busy with the things that will make a positive impact on our business and our life.

In fact, are you "too busy" but still not seeing results? Are you "too busy" but close to burnout? Or not able to strike the elusive work-life balance?

A Website Update Hour is a direct way to accomplish important items on your list of business priorities in less time than you ever could alone. Getting an expert to do it with you means exponentially accelerating the time it takes. A Website Update Hour will save you time.

Why would I listen to you? Have you run a business before?

Great question. I am an experienced entrepreneur who has founded two successful mission-driven businesses: Empathysites a website design business with a team of 4 and Empathycopy a tiny SaaS that helps with copywriting.

Prior to these, I managed my own international art modeling career for almost 10 years. (There might be a couple life-sized sculptures of me in existence and, yes, I did model at Pixar).

To run and grow my current businesses, I'm constantly learning. As an INTJ, research is my middle name. I've been through many of the same challenges that you're going through now and would be honored to jump into your business with you and get stuff done.

I can't afford the fee

A Website Update Hour will make you more money.

All Website Update Hours start with understanding exactly what makes the most sense for us to focus on. If increasing your income is your goal, we can focus on determining which changes on your website will help you increase your income and implementing those.

Website Update Hours are the short cut that allows an expert to take immediate action. We will get things done that make your more money and you'll learn what it takes to have website success along the way.