Vegan Therapists

If you are a vegan that needs to find a vegan therapist, this spreadsheet will help. Within the sheet, you'll find a list of over 40 vegan therapists around the world.

Due to the low numbers of vegan therapists in the world, you may also want to open yourself up to working with one of these therapists online. We have listed in the sheet if a therapist offers online therapy. For USA based clients, note that you must still work with a therapist that has a license in your state of residence. Therefore, if you are interested in vegan online therapy, note that you will need to still seek out a therapist in your state.

Hope this helps you find the help you need.

Kat Love
Ethical vegan and mental health's biggest fan

PS. Are you a vegan therapist? Want to get on our spreadsheet and join our community? If yes, please email me [email protected]

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