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The Ultimate
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Perhaps You’re Not Proud Of Your Website

You’re getting ready to attend an amazing networking opportunity. It’s not that often that you can meet so many other therapists and treatment center owners in one go. The pressure is on! You feel excited.

As you reach to put your business cards in your bag, your heart sinks. You have a website address listed on the cards but you hate your website. Should you hand out business cards that link to a website that you’re not proud of?

You want to do marketing with a website you're proud of  but your website is holding you back.

Or Maybe Your Website Isn’t Working

It’s time for coffee with Stephanie. You love your friendship and also the exchange of ideas since both of you are in private practice.

Over almond lattes, Stephanie shares that an incoming client told her that her website is the reason they called her.

On the outside, you are happy for Stephanie but inside, you can’t help feeling a little bit angry. You’ve struggled to get a single call through your website. You start to question if your website is working at all.

You want to have a website that helps visitors get to know you and reach out.

Or Your Website Needs Improvements

Finally! A slow week. You’ve been waiting to get free time to work on your website.

You sit at your desk and open your website. “Well,” you think, “perhaps I could find better images or maybe I should overhaul the navigation.”

After writing down ideas and reviewing them, you feel more lost. You know your website needs work, but you’re not sure what’s important to focus on or how to fix things.

You want to improve your website but don’t know what to improve or how to make things better.

Get The Help You Need To Improve Your Therapist Website


(Most therapists don’t realize how simple it can be to create a website that attracts clients, customers, and referrals. This review will show you exactly how).

A Simple, Step-By-Step Way To Website Success

Take The Stress Out Of Improving Your Therapist Website


Save Yourself From Hours of Researching What Works

Learn what your website is missing, where it’s doing well, and what you need to improve next.

Get Clear On How Your Website Is Doing

Determine where you are and where you need to be with a clear window into how your website is doing.


Understand The “Why” Behind Website Best Practices

With links to articles, each of the over 75 review items is backed up with the latest data.

Say Hello To A Therapist Website That Attracts Your Best Fit Clients

Finally be proud of your website

Get more clients, customers, and referrals

Feel confident that you’re doing it right

Discover What To Improve In A Clear, Helpful, and Empowering Way

Purchase and download the review PDF within seconds and dive right in. You will have access to all of the 75+ items as well as the bonus guidance.

Who Is The Website Review A Good Fit For?

  • It's for you if you're looking to make changes on your website that will drastically improve the results you get
  • It's for you if you're interested in learning what it takes to create an effective therapist website
  • It's for you if you have a website, just launched a website, or are starting to build one

Who Is The Website Review NOT A Good Fit For?

  • It's not for you if you're not committed to making changes to your website
  • It's not for you if you're already an expert in what it takes to create a great therapist website
  • It's not for you if you believe you've already done everything you can possibly do to improve your website

Featured Testimonial

Ashleigh Got Clear On What To Improve

"I discovered that my website is actually pretty good. Kat's professional opinion was helpful in that I now know where and how I can make some improvements. Thank you Kat."



Therapists Can Barely Contain Their Excitement Over The Ultimate Review

“I have the skills to build my own site but the review would give me the confidence that I’m not forgetting anything.”

“I don't know what to look for on my own website to know what's good/not good. This review will be really helpful and could be part of our yearly review of the business.”

“I would love to do an evaluation! I am looking to have my website revamped soon so that it better suits my needs as I continue to grow.”


Get The Ultimate Therapist Website Review PDF


75 items over 8 sections. Here are the 8 sections you'll be able to evaluate your website:

  1. Website Design
  2. Navigation
  3. Images
  4. Conversion
  5. Credibility
  6. Usability / Experience
  7. Copy
  8. Blogging / Content Marketing

Plus Get Bonus Tips

This evaluation also includes Bonus Tips on further areas including: SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Integration, Security and Maintenance, Analytics and Measuring, and HIPAA compliance.

Get everything listed within one amazing PDF
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How It Works

The Ultimate Therapist Website Review is so simple to use, it doesn’t really need special instructions.

Simply download The Ultimate Therapist Website Review PDF and evaluate your website against 75 items across 8 areas of focus.

All items are descriptive & include a link to help you learn more. All items concern aspects of your website that you can improve yourself. This is a D.I.Y. tool from start to results.

Improve Your Therapist Website Now: Download The PDF Instantly

Purchase and download the review PDF within seconds and dive right in. You will have access to all of the 75+ items as well as the bonus guidance.

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I have created websites for therapists that reflect who they are, that attract their best fit clients, that help therapists build their referral networks, that help them get featured in the media, and overfill their practices with their best-fit clients.

I'm excited to have created The Ultimate Therapist Website Review to empower you to get these same results on your own.

Helping therapists brings my life meaning. After surviving childhood sexual abuse, therapists helped me heal. Today, I'm honored to help therapists with their marketing. I love you & how you help people transform their lives.

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