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Website Copywriting

You need website copy that is clear, concise, and reflects who you are. Create a draft of your website by answering a few questions.

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Therapist Website Design

You need to get online so your best fit clients can find you and get to know you. We can create a website that really reflects you at Empathysites.

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Custom Website Projects

For therapists and mission-driven businesses, a custom website project is a complete service customized to your exact needs and can include brand identity,  copy written for you, design, and development. Investment starts at $5,000. Apply for a project interview or  email me to discuss.


Hi, I'm Kat

In addition to consulting, I have businesses that provide services that help psychotherapists, therapists, and counselors create beautiful and effective websites.

I provide website writing solution at Empathycopy and a website design service at Empathysites.

Often, I get asked if I still do custom website projects - the answer is yes! I am most aligned to help therapists and mission-driven businesses. Investment starts at $5,000. To get started, apply for a custom website project interview or email me to discuss.

Want free help? Visit the Empathysites blog where you'll find the resources, ideas, and inspiration you need for improving your psychotherapist website.

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