Therapist Website Copy Editing

Get in-depth editing on your website's copy.


It can be really difficult to feel comfortable about your therapist website copy. After pouring hours into writing and rewriting, you may still not feel confident that it sounds right.

But being true to who you are so you can attract your best fit clients is important to you. You want that website copy that your best fit client would read and say, "it's like they know me already."

I can help you get to that place with my copy editing services.


Copy Editing Investment

Here is what this copy editing service includes:

  • Re-phrasing awkward copy
  • Suggesting things that may need to be added
  • Making things more concise
  • Re-writing for better clarity when something is unclear
  • Ensure messaging is consistent throughout

Investment: $115 per page*

*2 page minimum, 2000 words max/page


"Your language is accessible, succinct, and free of jargon. You are exceptional at translating the text book version of what we do!"

Sarah Suzuki
Alcohol Counselor Chicago

Here's How I'll Help You With Your Copy

Fill out the copy editing order form to purchase your selected number of pages that you would like to have edited.

Once you've completed your purchase, I’ll reach out to you with a few questions that will help me get to know you, your practice, your best fit clients, and how I can best help. You'll be able to share with me what's concerning you about your copy so that I can be sure to address it in my editing.

At that time, I'll also give you details on how to send your copy as well as schedule your copy editing into my calendar. Depending on the queue, I can typically edit within 2-3 weeks time.

I guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with my editing!

Your copy will be clear, concise, and truly connect with your website visitors.


Therapist Website Copy Editing Services Are Right For You If

You have written your website copy but certain things just don't feel right, and you don't know how to fix them

You question what to include in your copy (and what not to include)

You wrote about yourself but you are really struggling with knowing if it sounds authentic

You aren't sure if you are speaking the language of your best fit clients or if you sound too clinical

You need professional feedback instead of polite compliments from friends and family

You are excited to implement changes and see results

Get copy that is true to you AND psychobabble free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fill out the copy editing service order form today! Would love to get to know you and help shape your copy into something true to you.

  • $115 per page. Each page may have up to 2000 words.
    Price: $115.00
  • There is a 2 page minimum.
  • You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.