Hey Therapists: Stop Selling What Your Clients Need

Therapists often try to sell what clients need instead of what clients want. Here’s why that’s a huge mistake…

I just visited a therapist website and where they are offering a “Self Care Guide” because “self care can lead to a deeper connection to yourself.”

So does the website visitor *need* self care? Probably – we kinda all do. Does the visitor *need* a deeper connection to themself? Yes to that too.

But do they know they need these things? Do they WANT them? Ehhhh.. maybe not.

Here’s how to test it.

Imagine your best fit client in a first session with you. What are they saying they want out of therapy?

Are they saying “I want to know how to do self care”?

Are they saying “I want a deeper connection to myself”?

I don’t know. You tell me if you think this sounds like the clients you have in your office.

My guess is that instead of wanting self care, they might want to stop feeling like they are constantly running around, burning themselves out doing things for other people.

Or that instead of wanting a deeper connection to themselves, they might be struggling to sleep at night because the thoughts never slow down.

What you put on your website and the content you create should be a reflection of what you hear your clients say.

So instead of a “Self Care Guide,” what about, “5 Secrets To Falling Asleep Fast And Getting Better Sleep” (and then within that, you share self care strategies that help with whatever blocks them from getting good sleep)?

Or create a guide on how to get work/life balance? Or recover from burnout? Or…whatever it is they say they want help with?

Instead of selling what you know they need, sell what they actually want.

Kat Love

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat Love (they/them). Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse so now I help therapists with their marketing and business. Here on the blog, I share insights on things like marketing, social media, websites, hiring, and more. I created a solution to help you get your website copy written in the easiest way possible. I also offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots. Would love to help you get out there, do the important work you do, and create a life and business you love.