Therapist Marketing Mastermind Group

Grow your private therapy practice with my expert guidance

Are you

  • Not sure of what to do to get clients?
  • Not growing as fast as you'd like?
  • Having trouble creating an online presence?
  • Disorganized or finding it hard to prioritize?
  • Not sure if your marketing is getting results?
  • Afraid of wasting time or money on marketing that won't work?

Do you want to

  • Feel intentional with your marketing?
  • Have more clients than you know what to do with?
  • Be excited and motivated about your practice again?
  • Find marketing strategies that fit your unique strengths?

The best thing about joining a mastermind is having a group of business-focused peers that help you get clear, set goals, and stay the course.

The group format provides you with the knowledge that you're not alone. Other members will bring up topics and concerns that you are also dealing with.

We'll all be there to support one another and through that support, you'll quickly discover the skills, systems, and mindset you need to get more clients and make the difference in the world that you want to see.

Through cultivating a non-judgemental and collaborative space, we'll stay curious about what could work for each individual member.

In the safety of our group, you'll be welcome to share your joys, struggles, and questions. All of who you are is welcome.

Join a mastermind, start taking action, and get the practice and life you desire.


Mastermind Groups Have Unique Benefits

Get Solutions

Solve your most urgent marketing challenges

Exchange Tips

Receive and share what you've already learned


Stop trying to grow your business alone

About The Therapist Marketing Mastermind

Finding and setting up virtual assistance

This therapist marketing mastermind group is for private practice therapists who are struggling with marketing but are FULLY committed to setting goals and reaching them.

This mastermind will focus on collaboratively tackling marketing challenges that arise in the journey towards building, growing, and sustaining a private practice. Solo and group practice owners at any stage of growth are welcome to apply.

Masterminds are super small consisting of 3 therapists. So it will be you, myself, and two other therapists.

We will meet via a  video chat for 60-minute sessions. Mastermind meetings will meet bi-monthly for 4 sessions. Each participant will take turns using 20 minutes to share and receive help.

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Investment: $100/session for 4 sessions
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Questions And Concerns You May Have Before Investing In Consultation

I'm way too busy for business and marketing consultancy

It's true that time is limited. When time isn't used in the most productive way, we often do get extremely busy - but not necessarily busy with the things that will make a positive impact on our business and our life.

In fact, are you "too busy" but still not seeing results? Are you "too busy" but close to burnout?

During your session, we can work on time mastery - which starts with analyzing which tasks are the highest impact with the lowest time spend. The insight you gather during masterminds will help you do more in less time so even if you are busy today, masterminds can help you have a more balanced tomorrow.

Why would I listen to you? Have you marketed a therapy practice before?

Yes, I have been consulting therapists with their websites and greater online marketing for years. Although I do not have my own therapy practice, I know what works via the therapists I've helped succeed so far.

I am also an experienced entrepreneur who has founded two successful businesses serving therapists: Empathysites a website design business and Empathycopy a tool that helps with copywriting.

The basic principles of marketing apply throughout all types of business. With more than 15 years of online marketing experience under my belt, I can help any business grow.


I can't afford the mastermind fees

Mastermind meetings will make you more money.

During sessions, we can hyper-focus your time on helping you get more clients. In addition to increasing your income through marketing and business improvements, we can also access your numbers: helping you understand what you earn, what you spend, and how to maximize profits while doing what you love.

Investing a mastermind is a short cut to making more money, quicker, and with less effort at any stage of growth you might be in.

Get insights from therapists who are as committed to growing their practices as you are.


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