How To Always Know What To Focus On To Grow Your Private Practice

“I don’t know what to focus on!”

Prioritization is half of what it takes to make a business succeed. But how?

Start By Getting Clear On One Goal

That goal might be:
“I want to get 2 more clients in the next 30 days”
“I want to increase revenue”
Or something else.

Next, Evaluate Your Ideas For Reaching Your Goal

Evaluate each of your ideas for reaching your goal against how much

  1. Impact it would make towards achieving your goal and how much
  2. Effort it would take to complete it.

Here’s how it looks:

So if your goal is to increase revenue, one idea might be “getting more clients” and another idea might be “raising rates”

“Getting more clients” would have a high impact on increasing revenue but it would also take a fair amount of effort (and time).

On the other hand, “raising rates” would also have a high impact but it would take much less effort and could be done overnight.

For this example, “raising rates” is a higher priority over the idea of “getting more clients” when it comes to the goal of increasing revenue.

Go For High Impact, Low Effort

When ideas are high impact with low effort, give them an enthusiastic yes! Focus there first. Rinse and repeat on your further ideas.

This method can help you go from “I have so many ideas and I don’t know which one to choose” to “I am clear on what to focus on”

Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

Kat Love

Kat Love

Hi, I'm Kat Love (they/them). Therapists helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse so now I help therapists with their marketing and business. Here on the blog, I share insights on things like marketing, social media, websites, hiring, and more. I created a solution to help you get your website copy written in the easiest way possible. I also offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots. Would love to help you get out there, do the important work you do, and create a life and business you love.