Get my expert guidance to help you with your website design, visual branding, and digital marketing strategy one-on-one.


You can get free information to improve your psychotherapy website on my blog, my Empathysites blog, and via my popular Empathysites email list but sometimes you need expert guidance that is custom-to-you with not only feedback but concrete step-by-steps to get clients in the door.

How I Can Help

  • Website Design Consultancy
  • Website Strategy Consultancy
  • Branding Discovery
  • How To Market To Best Fit Clients
  • Market Research Consultancy
  • Visual Marketing Review
  • Content Marketing
    • Blogging Strategy
    • Video Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Networking Strategy

One-on-one Consultation

A 60-minute skype video call where you get solutions to your most pressing digital marketing strategy and website questions.

A 60-minute recording of each call so that you don't have to take notes meaning you can be present for our session but still have a full recording of it all for future reference.

Ability to email me 1x per week in-between sessions to help you take action on the steps discovered in consultancy with my help.

Investment Options:

4 Sessions for $700 USD
6 Sessions for $990 USD

Ready To Get Started?
Reach out
and we'll explore how I can help.

Reach out to me to introduce me to your practice, your website, and give me information about what you're struggling with. I'll email you back, typically within 48 hours, and let you know how I can help you.


You Need My Consultancy If

You feel stuck when it comes to generating leads and clients online

You want a digital marketing strategy that is sustainable and doesn't drain you

All of your online marketing and website changes haven't worked for getting you clients

You've taken courses on marketing but their advice didn't work

You want to build some accountability for getting things done into your life

You are eager to get to work on your website and strategies with step-by-step action

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Get Started?
Reach out
and we'll explore how I can help.