I build websites for people in helping professions.


Kat Love Web Developer

Hi! I’m Kat Love. I help the helpers, life coaches, therapists, healers, and plant-based health advocates to name a few. Currently, I’ve zeroed in on serving psychologists. This website may look sparse today but I’m working on a few amazing builds and also a blog!

I grew up in California but currently live on a Greek island with my partner and our two rescued dogs. Besides building websites, my favorite activities are yoga, sewing, and impromptu kitchen dance sessions over a pot of lentil soup. Occasionally I put my philosophy degree to good use arguing that pop music isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I started building websites in 2002 to promote myself as a figure model. Over the years, I’ve completely fallen in love with the process of making websites. A few weeks ago, I decided to use my skills to help those doing meaningful work. Awesome people doing awesome things deserve awesome websites.

Interested in having a chat? Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you.